Workshops address divorce concerns

Workshops address divorce concerns

A series of free, monthly workshops are set to help people who are ready to file for divorce gain a better understanding of the legal process and ensure they have correctly completed all the necessary paperwork.

The divorce workshops are hosted by qualified, volunteer solicitors from the Taylor Street Community Legal Service who work through the divorce forms and explain the requirements for each section as well as the process involved including filing and service of documents.

While negotiating property agreements and finalising arrangements that involve children can be two of the most difficult aspects when filing for a divorce, Taylor Street Community Legal Service principal solicitor Melissa Seymour-Dearness said the workshops were ideal for people who required some reassurance or were in need of extra general information before lodging their divorce forms.

“Some people feel comfortable accessing and completing the divorce kit themselves from the Family Law Courts website; while others prefer some guidance and assistance to know they are filling the forms in correctly and following the right process,” Ms Seymour-Dearness said.

“The workshop is designed to talk through that form and in a general way to make people aware of the other sorts of things they need to consider.”

Ms Seymour-Dearness said people who have questions or concerns specific to their personal situations will be encouraged to book a free advice session at the Taylor Street Community Legal Service to discuss their matters in confidence with a solicitor.

“There are many considerations and factors to be taken into account in the separation and divorce process including childrens’ arrangements, property settlement matters and consideration of time limits around property settlement,” Ms Seymour-Dearness said.

“Many couples are able to undertake this process amicably, which is the best and most cost-effective approach, with minimal legal assistance.

“It can be useful to consider formalising agreements and appointments can be made with the service to discuss options and benefits around formalising agreements.

“We encourage people if they are divorcing to attend different workshops,” Ms Seymour-Dearness said.

“That is why we have both a daytime workshop and an evening session on a monthly basis so that people have the option of not coming along with the person they are divorcing from.”

The next divorce workshop will be held at the Urangan Community Centre on Tuesday, September 23 from 10.30am until 1pm, followed by an evening session on Wednesday, September 24 from 5.30pm until 8pm. Bookings are essential.

The October workshops will be held on Tuesday, October 21 and Wednesday, October 22.