Earth, ours to take care of

Earth, ours to take care of

Within the first few weeks of being in Hervey Bay I noticed a man sweeping the gutters along Boat Harbour Drive with a broom.

I remember thinking that was slightly odd given the fact the gutters lay before a vacant block with no adjoining property, but really, I never thought much more of it.

That was until a few weeks later when I saw the same man picking up litter along the edge of a grassy reserve not far from the Marina.

The thought of ‘odd’ turned to ‘interesting’.

It’s taken me almost 12 months to catch up with Kevin John Cooper and another solid week of leaving business cards in his mail box in hope of encouraging him to let me share his story – and I’m glad he did.

Mr Cooper is one of the most compassionate, caring and selfless people I’ve met for a while.

Each morning he has a coffee at his local cafe then sets about tending to the region’s streetscapes – a responsibility he says was tasked to him by God following a major motorbike accident in the late 80s.

The profound nature of his calling aside, his will to look after the land – the one true gift we are blessed with, that we inherently owe to future generations to look after to the best of our ability – is something we tend to fob off and greatly undervalue.

I personally hate nothing more than walking along the beach and stepping on cigarette butts.

Why you would smoke on the beach to begin with, I’m not sure, but to litter one of the purest aspects of nature, that we as humans travel hundreds of kilometres to enjoy, is baffling.

The same goes for general rubbish anywhere that is not a bin.

We only have the one planet. One ecosystem. It’s time we gave it the respect it deserves.