Lecture series to Create Waves

Lecture series to Create Waves

A host of Australia’s most influential environmental scientists, educators and campaigners are set to give Hervey Bay residents an insight as to how they can unite to protect the region’s natural features at a unique series of public lectures this week.

The Creating Waves Lecture Series forms part of the Hervey Bay Whale Festival and will be headed by keynote speaker and President of the Australian Conservation Foundation Professor Ian Lowe.

While Professor Lowe’s presentation will touch on the need for the Fraser Coast to live sustainably and to protect its natural environment, speaker Jenn Loder, the general manager of Reef Check Australia, said she will be taking the opportunity to launch the new community-based program REEFSearch.

“REEFSearch is a new reef identification and observation program, helping to engage more people in understanding their local reefs,” she said.

Ms Loder said Reef Check began monitoring reefs near Hervey Bay in 2012 and recently returned to collect its third set of annual data.

“Our early findings indicate differences in reef composition when comparing the Woongarra Coast and Hervey Bay,” she said.

“Siltation has been recorded on all sites that we have visited. It’s very early days from the perspective of long-term Reef Check monitoring, but we are keen to build the initiative and continue developing more local engagement opportunities.”

For more information about the lectures visit www.whalesherveybay.com.au