Education, a healthy choice

Education, a healthy choice

As someone who has seen loved ones succumb to obesity, battle with diabetes and ultimately fall fatally ill at the beck and mercy of a failing kidney and weak heart, it really does make me mad to see the blatant disregard some people treat their bodies with.

That said, I will be first to admit I am not always the healthiest person.

I drink more Diet Coke than I should and when I say no to a piece of chocolate you know something is terribly wrong.

But overall, the moderation and balance of exercise, diet and healthy lifestyle options are a habit that has taken me the better part of the past 15 years to comprehend and embrace.

But there comes a time when as convenient and sometimes delicious as fast food and home delivery is – you can’t live off it forever.

Cars and motorised transport are the most efficient mode of travel – but exercise of some form, even of the lowest intensity, is necessary to the wellbeing of not just your body physically, but also its mental state.

I have had family members who have had to have the black-and-white dire situation of where their health was heading spelt out to them by medical professionals before they took steed of their lifestyles – yet this wasn’t until they were well in to their 40s and had already seen my grandfather’s health spiral out of control.

It’s nothing I’d wish on other people and fortunately from a young age my parents – knowing our family history – were quick to make exercise and lifestyle education a firm part of our identity.

Education is key. Choosing healthy lifestyle options, be it diet or day-to-day practices, sometimes doesn’t seem as ‘fun’ as indulging or ignoring – but from my experience the long term benefits of a healthy body far outweigh the fleeting thrills.