Thanks for the invitation

Thanks for the invitation

Wow! What a place you have here.

Having grown up just down the road in Gympie, I am amazed by my late discovery.

Hervey Bay’s natural beauty has taken me by surprise. I am impressed too, by the rapid progress Council and this community have achieved, which to an outsider appears to have only enhanced the region’s natural assets.

Surrounded by glistening waters and framed by the Aussie bush… who wouldn’t want to live here?

Despite leaving my hometown as a teenager – supposedly for bigger and better things – it beckoned me back with an offer of a career in journalism.

So I returned at an historically significant time for both the Gympie and Fraser Coast regions. A time of which I feel privileged to have been a part – the fight to stop the Traveston Dam going ahead.

Since moving to the Fraser Coast I have enjoyed a spot of fishing and marvelled at the Great Sandy Straits where wildlife is abundant. To think this would have been ruined if the dam went ahead. That the beautiful Mary River would have lost its natural flow, putting the estuaries at risk, is just inconceivable.

I know Fraser Coast people fought quietly (and fiercely) behind the scenes to stop the Traveston Dam, and at this weekend’s Seafood Festival we can all celebrate the abundance of seafood still being caught in our seas, thanks to good management and an unchanged river system.

Sunday’s festival is a great example of the perfect marriage between progress and the protection of environment and heritage.

I for one am impressed – by the region, it’s people and the special events that celebrate everything good about living here.