Passion and success key

Passion and success key

When I first moved to Hervey Bay I subscribed to a number of websites and social media outlets that offered rolling updates of what was happening around town and quirky comments from community groups, schools and businesses.

To this day, very little comes close to comparing to the effort and quality that schools across Hervey Bay invest in uniting their community and empowering their students.

Whether it is updates on Facebook about the progression of their community garden and photos from their Mother’s Day fundraising stall – right through to recognising students who have excelled in the classroom or on the sporting field in their newsletter and charting the preparation of their upcoming musical – it’s great to see the passion and pride the teachers and principals have for their school exude through mixed media.

Last week the Newman Government allocated an additional $2.46 million to further develop the music programs in state schools; coinciding with an announcement that a new unit has been established to assess the progress of each school annually in a bid to ensure that schools which aren’t performing as well as others have access to additional resources and funds.

From early reports the formation of that unit has been largely welcomed by principals who are keen to continue to guide their schools in a direction that will best benefit the needs of its students.

My memories of my principals and teachers range from being some of the smartest, scariest, most compassionate and encompassing people I’ve ever met.

Having had the pleasure of meeting so many passionate and dedicated educators from the Bay, I’m glad so many students will get to share in the memories I now treasure.