Passion, heart make for some of Bay’s best

Passion, heart make for some of Bay’s best

Very little compares to the awe and excitement you feel when faced with having something ‘new’ to enjoy.

Walking through the new wing of the Stockland shopping centre at the weekend, that sense of intrigue and thrill was almost palpable as children and adults alike browsed through the stores, tried the new cafes and eateries, partook in the novelty activities and just simply enjoyed themselves in the new surrounds.

While the $116 million expansion has been one of the Bay’s more anticipated projects over the past year, it is only one of the many businesses and retail precincts that has expanded – both in terms of service and shop front – in recent weeks.

It is even more heartening when those businesses are run by locals who have taken the leap of faith to follow their dreams and turn their passions and interests in to a service or trade to share with the community.

Over the past year I have been watching Hannah Miller and her Little Miss Cupcake business expand with great interest and admiration.

It is clear that even as a teenager her passion to not only share her love of baking but also learn and evolve as a businesswoman places her in good stead for success. Hannah is currently working to establish her first shop front and recently expanded her range of cakes to include gluten free options.

Similarly, Annette Poacher of Kreative Koncepts – an art, craft and mixed media store – also expanded to a new premises with interest in her journalling, scrapbooking and art classes soaring.

In a time when consumer confidence is questioned by the media, such proactive ventures show how passion and belief in your product go a long way in delivering a valuable and genuine product to consumers.