Little words that make you smile

Little words that make you smile

When I opened this page on the computer on Monday morning I was greeted with a note, typed in italics, that simply read: ‘What are you going to write about this week?’

It was a note that Alicia, our former Indy journalist, had left last week when she kindly began setting up the page before she herself left to take up a new job in the city.

And in the nicest way that little note made me smile.

Maybe it is me being overly sentimental as a lot of people/friends have been leaving the Bay and moving on of late, but it is none the less amazing how one nice gesture – sometimes no matter how small or unintentional – can really turn your day around.

Having watched as the nominations for the Fraser Coast Business and Tourism People’s Choice Awards came in on Facebook over the past few weeks, most in particular the nominations for the Community Supporter of the Year, it made me realise how lucky we are in Hervey Bay to have such a close knit community that truly cares, be it for a friend or stranger.

I’ve moved a lot in my life and there aren’t many places where people have been quite as inclusive, grateful, spirited and passionate.

Today, realising how lucky I am to have that, made me smile.