Thank you and goodbye

Thank you and goodbye

My time at the Hervey Bay Independent has come to an end and it is with sadness, but a swagload of amazing memories that I will take the next step in my career.

I could hardly believe my luck a mere 18 months ago to be offered the chance to work as a journalist in, well, paradise.

The Fraser Coast is the locale of many of my childhood holidays, and now it holds an even more special place in my psyche.

I’ve gotten to know the characters that make this place unique and have spoken at length about the issues that this growing region is steadily conquering.

I’ve indulged in many a sunset, ocean swim or afternoon spent lazing on the beach just metres from my home and office and, while I’m excited to continue on life’s journey, the fact is simple pleasures such as these are not going to be so readily available to me by next week.

I would like to thank everyone I have met for making me feel so welcome, for keeping my job interesting and for ensuring that I will be back, regularly, into the future.

And, in the meantime, I will be telling everyone I meet about that place I used to live where you could spot turtles in your lunchbreak, where everyone greets you on your morning run and where a news job could take you out past paperbark groves and paddocks full of grazing kangaroos.