New technology key to business success

New technology key to business success

If the fact that goods and services recommendations from friends on social media are six times more trustworthy than advertisements does not scare a modern business, it should.

These statistics and more were the backbone of a presentation by social media speaker Adam Franklin at last week’s Hervey Bay Chamber of Commerce breakfast.

The co-founder of Bluewire Media Group gave local businesses some insight into how helpful the new technology could be for business.

“I think it’s really important particularly because (the Fraser Coast) is a tourist area. If you can be connecting with your holiday makers all around Australia and globally from that point of view you can attract a lot more visitors by being active and present and showing your beautiful neighbourhood and scenery and the people behind all the operations,” Mr Franklin said.

“It’s very important (for non-tourism businesses too). There’s a global marketplace now – even if you do have a local store, (social media) is almost more important because you’re an active member of the community, you’re providing ways for your community to interact with each other.”

Despite running through some of the possible pitfalls of social media use, Mr Franklin said the technology should not be avoided.

“It is social media, it is fun, it’s a social setting which may turn into business transactions later down the line,” he said.

“You can be worried that you could get fired, start a fire…there’s plenty of things that can go wrong and they do.

“But it’s like if there is a stabbing – you would be blaming the person using the tool. Twitter and Facebook are just tools that you need to learn how to use and know how to use so you don’t chop your finger off.”

Hervey Bay Chamber of Commerce vice president Brendon Falk said Mr Franklin’s advice was “a real coup” for small businesses on the Fraser Coast who have been through tough times lately.

“It’s about getting businesses to think about how they can help themselves, improve their business and tap new opportunities – and one of those opportunities is social media,” Mr Falk said.

“Social media is very cost effective in terms of low outlay and high contact reach.

“I think the chamber members who will have a go and get the ball rolling, hopefully they’ll have success from it, as a few have already had, and that will become self reinforcing and that will disseminate out into the Hervey Bay community.

“They will get in and start using social media and show it does work and it does benefit your business.”