Pet amnesty extended

Pet amnesty extended

Council has extended its amnesty period for pet registration until February 8 due the weather crisis that has impacted large areas of the Fraser Coast.

Pet owners will now have until Friday to register their pets without fear of fines.

Councillor Robert Garland said the clean up after the wild weather was council’s main priority.

“We’ve extended the amnesty period to allow people to focus on cleaning up their homes and businesses and helping out friends, relatives and neighbours,” Cr Garland said.

Council has started doorknocking across the region to check cat and dog owners’ animal registration information is up to date.

The move is part of a push to reduce the number of animals being euthanized.

“Last year council euthanized 348 dogs and 407 cats which represents 23% of the dogs impounded and 60% of the cats impounded.

“All pet owners can work together to cut the number of animals ending up in the pound by ensuring their pets are registered and microchipped so we can ensure they are returned home as quickly as possible if they stray.”

During 2011/12, 1,509 dogs and 675 cats were impounded; 50% of the dogs and 9% of the cats were returned home.

There are currently 16,438 dogs and 2,825 cats registered on the Fraser Coast.